Tapatalk - Forum App for mobile devices

  • http://www.tapatalk.com/

    I had come across this app that covers a variety of mobile platforms and was wondering if the pfSense team would be interested in adding this to their forum. I myself kill a lot of time browsing forums throughout the day and would it would be much faster and easier if the pfsense forum could be browsed through with the app as mobile browsers are not quite all there yet and sometimes take a good bit to load certain sites. Just a thought if there isn't enough interest for it to be done no big deal.


  • As a user of Tapatalk myself I'd have to admit it would be useful at times.

  • I use Tapatalk as well.
    I'd love it if PFsense forums will support it.

  • I have been using tapatalk on my android tablet and it has been making browsing through forums a breeze. It would really be nice if pfsense would support tapatalk as it can be really useful and efficient.

    I have seen this in most forums I join and I think it would really be a great addition to pfsense's arsenal of functions.

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