Enable DHCP on cloned WLAN interface that is not member of the bridge in 2.0

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to create two wireless networks WLAN0 and WLAN1 using single WLAN card in pfSense 2.0.  WLAN0 bridged with LAN0 as LAN, with DHCP enabled. WLAN1 suppose to be separate WLAN that has only WAN access.

    Following is the interfaces configuration that I have:

    WAN - xl0
    LAN - BRIDGE (LAN0, WLAN0) - DHCP enabled
    LAN0 - rl0
    WLAN0 - ath0_wlan0 - default wireless interface with SSID1
    WLAN1 - ath0_wlan1 - cloned wireless interface with SSID2 - How to enable DHCP?

    Everything works fine if I configure WLAN2 with static IP address, but I'd like to enable DHCP for it. On DHCP configuration page I have only LAN tab.

    Does anybody know how to enable DHCP on cloned WLAN1 that is not member of the bridge?


  • Looks like if I set interface type to "static" and set an IP address, than I can see this interface in DHCP server and enable it there.

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