Sokris 1401 board, how do I use it?

  • I am confused by the description of the GLXSB option.

    I have a Soekris 1401 VPN coprocessor board in my system…

    Do I check it or not check it to off-load the VPN processing?


  • Hi,

    dont check it! Read description  ;) ….it's only for AMD Geode LX CPUs with inbuild AES-128 CBC accelleration (e.g. ALIX Boards). So u dont need to load modules.

    When Soekris 1401 VPN coprocessor board is recognised hifn modules are leaded automatically by pfsense.


  • Thanks SB.

    I did read that but again wasn't sure if there was something I needed to tick somewhere .

    With 1.2.3 there was a box in a subpage needing to be set before I benefited from my upgrade, no I guess it's just done for me!

    Thanks again!

  • If you type:

    dmesg | grep -i hifn

    Should show you that the device has been loaded successfully.  Or if you are running 2.0 BETA, I think it shows on the dashboard.


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