Use a wlan card as a wan ?

  • hello

    is it possible to use a wlan card to use a wlan access point (hotspot) as a gateway to internet for my router ???

    If yes, whezre can i find the way ?

    Thank you

  • Havn't tried this but why shouldn't this work? Just set up your WAN interface with your WLAN NIC and then at a static ip configuration and add the other AP as a default gateway.

  • thank you for your answer.

    i have to configure the wlan as ad hoc ? access point ?

    i juste forget to tell that i want to use a hotspot with login/passeword.

    i have to connect to the open hotspot and then enter the login and the password.

    i will have to do that on the pc at the first login ??? not possible that the router does that ?

    Thank you.

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