Siproxd and Telia

  • Hi,
    This may be an issue with the specific VoIP provider Telia in Sweden.

    Has someone been able to put the VoIP box behind pfSense?

    I have now tried four different configurations:
    1: Using static firewall/NAT rules according to:
    3478-3479 TCP (stun)
    5060 UDP/TCP (SIP)
    8500-8559 UDP (rtp)
    Or in other words redirecting anything to the VoIP box.

    2: Enable UPnP. As suggested by the VoIP provider.

    3: Acctually both 1+2

    4: Using siproxd. Where I only configured the rtp ports according to 1.

    In the cases 1,2,3 I was able to make a call to an external phone. But when I receive a call the incoming voice was missing. (Outgoing voice was working). Here I got some filter logs of dripped packages on ports in the 8500-8550 range, pointing to rule nr 2. I did not fully understand the reson for that. Any suggestions?

    In configuration 4. I was able to initiate an outgoing call but there was no incomming voice. Incomming calls could not be setup.

    I'm puzzeled. Any sugggestions are more than welcome.


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