Cable modem install

  • well currently i have for a tower a p3 700 and a cable modem of corse and dir-615 i can get the pfsense box to both assign lan ips and get the dhcp ip of the cable modem and even ping the problem is i can not surf the internet via the pfsense box inline the second i remove it and use the dir-615 everything returns normal what am i missing

  • Bit more information will be better ;)

    Is there anyhow a possibility that your cablemodem and your pfsense (LAN SIDE) is using the same subnet? as an example

  • Did you remember to switch the cable modem off before swapping in the pfSense host? Most cable modems will only communicate with the first device you connect to it.

  • well i had to punch in the dns servers by hand now its been up and running for 2 days

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