DNS Server Setup

  • Yet another not very knowledgeable user…

    I am using pfsense 2.0-RC1. I have WAN interface with /27 public ip space, a LAN interface for office machines, a DMZ for web & mail server and yet another interface for wireless internet access (internet only). My DMZ server is Ubuntu. Could somebody advise me of the best way to setup DNS server? I would like DNS server to provide services for both the LAN (windows based machines) and the WAN (websites and mail servers). What is the best and most secure way to do DNS in this configuration? We have five web domains hosted on Ubuntu server and about 20 windows machines in LAN (no DNS server on LAN). I want, of course, to assure that LAN machines are not exposed to public. Should I setup DNS on Ubuntu (DMZ) for both? Or use tinyDNS with pfsense? I would greatly appreciate any advices.

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