Setting up ISP Leased line (Or) Replace Cisco router

  • Dear All
    I found number of entries related to above topic but none of them were clear. Could you guys help me how to configure a leased line using PFsense (2.0 Preffer)?

    Every one says use AON but no examples found.

    Our exsing senario:(cisco 1700 series router)

    ISP IP Block (Serial port) 203.x.x.x/30 –> LAN POOL (202.x.x.x/28) alternate ip 192.x.x.x /24 -->nated to Local LAN series 192.168.1.x/24

    Confused.. how to terminate WAN site /30 Block ip(only one) to PFSense WAN the LAN pool IP and Private LAN Pool with NAT

    Please giude me how can we achive this?

    best regards

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