PfSense 2 RC1 on IBM x3550 M3

  • Hello All,

    I trying to install pfSense 2 RC1 on my IBM x3550 M3 Server without any progress.
    Everytime i boot into install its get stuck on "Keyboard Busy" ( cannot open /dev/ukbd0 during install ) msg.
    Also i get (acd0: FAILURE - READ_BIG timed out).

    Can someone help me to install it?

  • I am a newbee who had first time installation problem on my old pc (athlon).
    I did a thorough HD format and then let pfSense install itself.
    For your rackmount IBM, you may also need to select correct CPU type (multi v. single).
    Sorry, I can help with one problem I had similar to you. I would like to see/read/view vid of your setup.

  • We run pfsense on an IBM x3250 M3 without any trouble.  We did however run into some issues with the graphics card on an x3550 M3 when we installed Fedora on it a few years ago.    To fix that I used the vesa graphics driver by adding xdriver=vesa to the boot options.  I'm guessing thats not the issue with pfsense though since there is not a gui.

    Found this on the freebsd forumns -

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