Load balance problem

  • Hello everybody. I'm new to pfsense, since i haven't work with freebsd for a couple of years. I quickly ran to linux for development and company purposes. But today i'm back, because i'm looking for a reliable load balancer for a site of mine. Now i'm testing pfsense to check if its what i need. Here is my network diagram:
    <internet>-> <linksys router="">->
    -> Debian box (
    -> Debian box (
    -> Windows Vista box (
      |-> virtualbox pfsense (
    and in pfsense i added:
    Name Mode        Servers       Port Monitor Description
    lb01-p loadbalance    80 HTTP lb tree
    virtual server:
    Name Mode IP Address     Port Pool    Fall Back   Pool Description
    lb01   redirect_mode 8080 lb01-p none lb01

    and at last my firewall rule:
    ID Proto Source Port Destination Port Gateway Queue Schedule Description
          TCP/UDP *          *      * 8080      * none   balance  
    But when i type in the browser it times out. I can't see where the problem is. pfSense is visible to the entire network (i configured it using the web interface from the vista box). It's diagnostics tools report that the pool members are up and are with 100% uptime (in green). Any ideas? Thank you very much in advance</linksys></internet>

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