Squid in Transparent and Port mode. ssh into lan, proxy local connections

  • Hello,

    I currently have pfsense (1.2.3) and squid setup as a transparent proxy. It all works perfectly from inside the network going out to the wide world.
    I want to ssh into the local network from the internet (using putty) and point the destination in putty to pfsense proxy server. this will allow me to access any of the web services on the local network through a secure tunnel with squid handleing the actual connections to local web services.

    I can successfully ssh into the network, I can also point the destination to a particular service on the local network and it works.

    The Problem:
    Pointing the destination in putty to the squid proxy port 3128 does not work. either squid does not proxy local connections or, because it is in transparent mode, doesn't work on that port anymore.

    Any suggestions where I should be looking? It worked in IP Cop which I recently changed from because pfsense had more features. I assume I just need to do a bit more work to be up and going and what I'm asking for is possable?



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