DHClient not Registering Hostname Domain in SS6520 DHCP server

  • The pfsense DHclient does not register the assigned hostname into the Speedstream 6520's DHCP server. Both winXp and Ububntu 6.10 register properly.

    The Dhclient files are correct
    $ more /var/etc/dhclient_wan.conf
    interface "rl1" {
    send dhcp-client-identifier "pfWan1";
    send host-name "pfWan1";

    script "/sbin/dhclient-script";

    The SS520 reports Hostname unknown and the the correct MAC address

  • Set the hostname in Interfaces -> WAN -> DHCP client configuration -> Hostname

  • Sulrich,
    It has been set there otherwise the dhclient_wan.conf
    would not have the correct entries!

  • Try a recent snapshot then.

  • pfsense versions
    1.0.1-SNAPSHOT-01-19-2007 built on Fri Jan 19 15:38:01 EST 2007
    1.0.1-SNAPSHOT-01-19-2007 built on Mon Jan 22 12:46:11 EST 2007

  • Reboot the speed touch router, then reboot pfSense.  Seth was able to reproduce this and that was his fix.

  • The 2 Speedstream 6520s with Firmware Part #:004-E752-AEP Config Part #:003-6045-G0G
    and the pfsense box were powered down. The SS6520s were then powered up. After the Power, Ethernet, DSL and Internet lights on the SS6520s were illuminated pfsense was powered up.

    Neither SS6520 registered the pfsense dhclient Hostname. MAC address registered.
    Both Static and Dynamic addresses were tested on the SS6520s.
    For your reference the pfsense box has 4    ENL832-TX-RENT PCI ethernet adapters using the RL driver.

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