Pure Router with Traffic Shaping

  • Hey Everyone,

    I am trying to setup a PFSense pure router that can traffic shape.  Here is my setup:  I have a connection to the internet that is in fxp0.  This is connected to a cisco switch that is trunked with multiple VLANs to the PFSense box.  Right now I am only using 1 VLAN.  On this VLAN the PFSense box is acting as the DHCP server, nothing more.  What I am testing is having the PFSense box be a pure router and route traffic through it as well as shape that traffic all over Vlan 30.  Here is a diagram:

    Internet (Router - <–-------> Cisco Switch <-----Trunk Port------> PFSense Vlan 2 (

    All clients on my network have public IPs addresses and I'd like to change the gateway to and then they would get routed to  I have already tested this in the lab and I can access the internet through this connection.  When I try to configure the shapper, it isn't happy because I don't have a WAN and a LAN interface.  This is more of a Router on a stick topology.  Does anyone have any ideas how to make queues to pick up the traffic?  When I do a tcpdump of the interface on the PFSense box, I can watch the traffic flow across the box, so I know there must be a way to intervene on it.



  • You can perform traffic shaping without NAT.  i.e.  pfsense box has 2 interfaces (2 VLANs) but you disable NAT.

    Basically, you retain pfsense as a routing firewall but without NAT.  I believe what you have done is to disable the packet filter (which is what the traffic shaper is based on).

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