CARP setup between 2 different pfsense boxes

  • Hi,
    I'm planning a new setup in my office and I was wondering whether I can have CARP setup between 2 different pfsense boxes. What I mean is I have 1 box with 4 internet lines which will be the main one. Another box only has 1 line connected to it, but I want to keep it completely separated (another room, another power line and so on). This in case the power goes down in the main server room, or pfsense box just shuts down for some reason, I want the users to automatically get transferred to the second box.

    The 2 servers will also have different hardware. I have only 2-3 cables running between the 2 rooms and I have to choose their purpose wisely.

    If this isn't a possibility, can you please advise another setup?

    thank you.

  • OK, I read a bit about it in the book and I guess I can't really have that.
    But can I have the two machines with different hardware? Different NICs? I mean, I realise that they have to match functionality/names-wise, but can they be from different manufacturers?

  • Do not quoute me but i think only the assignment order of interface type should be the same.
    I.E Lan ether/want ether/opt1 vlan/…. the real interface behind doe snot matter on 2.0 iirc.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Ermal is correct. The hardware can be different as long as the number and order of the assigned interfaces is identical on both boxes.

  • ok, great. thanks!

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