Pfsense not communicating with ADSL router over static

  • Hi guys, me and a colleague have been going round in circles on this so I was hoping some collective wisdom might help.

    The current setup is ADSL NetGear firewall router -> Windows SBS -> general network, however they did have a pfsense box in there and it 'stopped working', I've built a new system on 2.0 but it doesn't seem to be able to communicate with the NetGear router no matter what we've tried. I've verified that the card works, and we know the NetGear router works from directly connecting to it with the same static IP settings we used on the pfsense box, we've even tried setting it to DHCP and seeing it that'd work but whilst it'll get a gateway address it won't get any an IP address. Oh, and the pfsense box will work when it's getting DHCP details from the SBS and any machine connected after it will go through the firewall, but when it's between the two it won't see the router.

    Any run across similar problems hooking pfsense onto NetGear kit? The next step for us is to swap out the ADSL router for something else, but I thought I'd best check I'd ticked all the boxes before going down that route.

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