Pfsense + WAP + future proofing on an atom?

  • Hi,

    Partly to learn, partly to protect the kids I want to build a Pfsense box running snort and squid.  I've got a spare AWUS036H which I understand could be used as an AP with Pfsense…  The sticking point is the cable modem is in our bedroom, so I need a quite system.

    1. Would an atom be up to running Pfsense with snort + squid for 5 users?
    2. Would this have enough power to be future proof (i.e. version 2 etc)?
    3. If so are there any recommendations for a quite or fanless motherboard please?

    Device will need 2 Nics, and I'll obviously use the AWUS036H as an AP.

    Thanks in advance

  • that should be more than enough

    I have a 1/15 (get 1/25 though) cable and have no issues what so every
    I dont use snort however, just squid.

    I am using an old Via C7 @ 1GHz
    512MB DDR

    I would look towards mini ITX solutions.
    You will most likely need to buy a second NIC as most only have 1 integrated into the motherboard
    Intel NICs are you best choice.

  • Thanks :)

  • can you please give me a link that show how to configure the AWUS036H as AP?

    Which PFsense version supports AWUS036H ?

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