2.0-RC1 FreeRADIUS does not start properly

  • After upgrading to
    vs. 2.0-RC1 (i386) built on Tue Mar 22 05:44:21 EDT 2011
    I found that FreeRADIUS does not start properly. "Status:Service"s reports that the service is running, but access requests are not answered. Issuing "radtest …" from a console shows that radiusd does not want to reply, so I guess the problem is not related to the GUI interface.

    Using "killall -9 radiusd" with subsequent restarting of the service solves the problem until the next reboot.

    Since I am using pfSense for a couple of days only and I did not test FreeRADIUS before I don't know whether the problem also existed in earlier versions.

  • I have this problem too since beta5.

  • Workaround:

    Edit file "/usr/local/etc/rc.d/radiusd.sh"

    On section:
    rc_start() {
      radiusd -s &

    put this:
    rc_start() {
      killall radiusd
      radiusd -s &

  • I modified the script as regis_f suggested, but I still see that behavior where freeRadius won't respond to requests after a reboot until it is killed and restarted manually.

    2.0-RC1 (amd64)
    built on Thu May 5 18:46:28 EDT 2011


    I can't kill it from the web interface, I have to SSH in and Kill -9 <pid>. Killall radiusd from the console doesn't work either, so perhaps that's why regis_f's workaround isn't working for me.

    Any ideas?

    Edit: I also noticed that "top" reports radiusd as running, but as soon as the first client tries to authenticate, CPU useage for radiusd spikes to 100%.</pid>

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