No package list : Pfsense V 2.0 buil on Sat Feb 26

  • Hi

    Just install Pfsense  2.0-RC1 (i386) buil on Sat Feb 26 , but I can not see the list o available packages.
    any suggestion to fix this?

    Thank you

  • Your issue seems like it's related to your WAN connection. Verify that you do have DNS working with internet access. Both are required to view the package list.

  • Thankyou, both are OK, Internet is very good, and DNS is OK. All clients of Lan Network can connect internet smoothly. It is weird, I have tried to update the newest update but still not ok (build on 23 Mar)

    I use wan as DHCP.
    is it an issue of 2.0?

  • It is fixed now. The problem is from DNS, since WAN is set DHCP it will use DNS of modem.

    Thank you

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