Error with Diffserv Code Point

  • Using the 2.0-RC1 (also the latest snapshot i386 built on Tue Mar 22 11:53:58 EDT 2011) when i select a DiffServ Code Point value different from af11, af12 and af13 on a floating rule i have an error. This is for example the output error when i select EF dscp:

    There were error(s) loading the rules: /tmp/rules.debug:473: illegal dscp value EFpfctl: Syntax error in config file: pf rules not loaded - The line in question reads [473]: match proto udp from any to any dscp EF queue (qVoIP) label "USER_RULE: m_voip outbound" …

    Should i open an issue on the tracker?

  • I also am getting errors trying to use DSCP values in queues.  I am running 2.0-RC1 (i386) built on Fri Mar 18 21:32:32 EDT 2011.



  • I just pushed a fix for that error value.
    You have to wait for a new snapshot to come out since its a binary file fix.

    Thanks for reporting.

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