Tunnel created to 'Road Warrior' but no traffic is sent, no DNS possible.

  • I've followed the how-to on setting up a road warrior client in IPSEC, I actually had an openvpn running already, but unfortunately we're using openvpn in a ssl-vpn setup at work, and this messes up my openvpn to home, so I have to set something else up for home use, thus the ipsec is the one.

    It's only for road-warrios (so far), and the road-warriors are all windows 7.

    What I have so far, after I followed the how-to on http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/IPsec_Road_Warrior/Mobile_Client_How-To:

    The setup is

    Roadwarrior <-> Internet <-> pfSense <-> LAN

    I have gotten the shrew soft vpn to create the tunnel.
    If I look in the route table on the windows I can see that the LAN is routed through the ficticous IP I've given in the VPN client.

    But I can't resolve any DNS's from the LAN on the roadwarrior, and I cannot ping any IP's on the LAN, and I cannot show any internal webpages.

    What now??? I'm a bit lost…

    Best regards

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