Connecting a pfSense and an ADSL router to another pfSense

  • Hi.

    I wish to create a VPN between three networks.

    The network A is the main netowkr and it has pfSense system running on an Internet connection with a static IP address, and I wish to make it the VPN server (the other two places has to connect with it).
    The network B has a pfSense system running between an ADSL router that I can't configure (it makes the NAT features to the network and I can't configure any port redirection, for example) and a dynamic IP address.
    The network C doesn't have any pfSense system, but it has an ADSL router with VPN functions and a dynamic IP address.

    I don't need the network B and the network C to see themselves.

    How I can configure it all? I can't use OpenVPN because the ADSL router on the network C doesn't support it.
    How I can configure the pfSense on the network A?

    Could you help me, please? This is the first time I setup a VPN with pfSense and I wish to learn… :-)

    Thank you very much!

  • For the connection between A and C you can make the remote router join as mobile ipsec client (if it supports IPSEC. there are other VPN implementations out there as well). However, it's hard to tell how to set it up. You have to first investigate the options of that other device before you can start configuring anything. Have a look at for how this scenario works between 2 pfSense systems.

    The connection between A and B might work the same way if the modemrouter in front of the remote pfSense supports IPSEC passthrough. I have a customer that uses it this way behind his provider router and it just works.

  • OK, thank you very much!
    I will try and I rewrite you if I will have some problem…

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