TL-WN321G (chipset RT2870) don't work

  • My USB TL-WN321G does not work as an access point in pfSense 2.0.

  • Mine did work as an access point. I wrote "did" because it is some months since I last had it plugged into a system.

    Please provide more details: for example, its not recognised, the system crashes when I try to enable it, I can't configure it, etc.

  • I configured the card in question without any protection, and so it works perfectly. When I set up with WPA or WPA2 or both (with TKIP, AES or both) the card can connect to another device (PC with Windows 7 and Android phone) and then disconnect you after a few seconds then stops working until pfSense reboot.

  • DON'T WORK. DON'T WORK.  :'(

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