CARP Enabled on boot after being disabled.

  • If I disable a CARP member and then reboot,  CARP get's enabled again on boot. I don't think this should happen. In my particular case I've manually disabled CARP as a troubleshooting step. I need to reboot but once the box comes up  I need to race and disable CARP again so that it doesn't take over as master.

  • What do you mean by disable?

  • @ermal:

    What do you mean by disable?

    As in logging onto the standby CARP firewall, then going to "status", "carp failover", and clicking "disable carp".  After I've done that  I would expect the cluster to remain disabled until I manually re-enable it. Then I can reboot the firewall without it taking back over as master when I don't want it to.


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