New WAN connection not working - bad route?

  • I'm trying to add a third WAN connection to our pfsense router.
    Basically, it's just a static IP, with the standard gateway-within-subnet configuration.

    But when I configure a test rule to force traffic over it nothing ever connects. Tracert gives nothing but timeouts from the clients.

    I'm suspicious of one route that shows up in diagnostics -> routes
    It says:

     <new isp="" gateway=""><secondary isp="" gateway="">UGHS	0	1658	1500	re0</secondary></new>

    There's also the expected

    <new isp="" wan="" subnet="">/29	link#3	UC	0	0	1500	re2</new>

    Now, if pfSense is trying to route all the traffic to my 3rd ISP through my second ISP, that makes sense why it would break, but why is that route there and how do I get rid of it?

    Or is this just a red herring and something else is going wrong?

    System logs show this error over and over:

    kernel: arplookup <new isp="" gateway="">failed: host is not on local network
    kernel: arpresolve: can't allocate route for</new> 

  • It's a third ISP, and there was nothing wrong with it..?

    I was able to rebuild the routing tables by running "/etc/rc.d/routing restart", and this removed that erroneous route, and cleared everything up.

    I don't know how it got created in the first place, but fingers crossed it won't happen again.

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