Share DNS info of DHCP leases over VPN

  • Hi all,

    after searching the forum for 2 hours I open a new topic.

    I have to Networks:

    LAN A:

    LAN B:

    The gateways on both networks are 2 pfSense installations. There is a working IPsec tunnel between both networks. Both have DHCP servers and DNS forwarders on their LAN. Register DHCP leases in DNS forwarder is checked off.

    Within both networks everything works as expected.

    Question: Is it possible that a machine on LAN A can get the DNS info about the DHCP lease of a machine on LAN B?

    Thanks for any comments.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If they are on different domain names, you could add a domain override in the DNS forwarder settings that points the other side's domain name to an IP on other firewall of the other network, and vice versa.

    The short names wouldn't work, but fully qualified names should.

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