Openvpn client dual wan

  • Hi,

    I've a pfsense 1.2.3 with 1 WAN

    LAN (SIS0):
    WAN (SIS1):

    In pfsense i've configured a openvpclient with tun0 and i added OPENVPNCLIENT
    interface on Tun0 in (menu Interfaces/assigned)

    In OPENVPNCLIENT interface i've set up

    • Enabled is checked
    • Type DHCP
    • BRIDGE none
      My openvclient gets some routes from openvpn server like "push"

    In system-advanced, i've checked "Disable all auto-added VPN rules".

    LAN clients work fine with this configuration. All packet to are pushed into OPENVPNCLIENT.

    Now i need to create a failover with a second WAN2 in (SIS2). Failover needs to work
    default on WAN2. When WAN2 switch offline, WAN1 needs to became default route.

    So I added the WAN2 interface and i've configured Services-LoadBalance-Failover(*).
    In system-advanced i've checked

    • Use sticky connections
      In firewall rules, I've add default rules from lan network to any with failover(*) gateway.

    My problems are

    • With WAN2 and WAN1 online, the default route is always WAN1. If WAN1 go down, WAN2 don't works.
    • the openvpn client don't work. All clients packets to
      go out in WAN1 but not in openvpn tunnel.

    The strange thing is if I delete openvpnclient configuration failover works fine.

    It's a metric problem or other?

    Thank you

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