Block Adult Sites without Squid?

  • Since squid is apparently incompatible with quite a few sites (e.g. - and - just to name a couple) and nobody can seem to fix it, I am hoping that I can simply do without a proxy server.

    I simply need to block porn sites.  Is this functionality packaged anywhere?  The IP Blocklist looked like a great solution to this until I realized that they make blocklists for everything except porn.

    I am at a loss…  I'm about ready to buy a Forefront if I can't do this simple task (either fix squid to work on all sites or block porn without it).

  • Not that it's related to pfsense, but you could try opendns. I use the free version for some of my small clients that can't afford (or don't want to pay) for a on-premises filtering solution. It's not 100% (nothing is really), but it's pretty effective for what you pay. It has quite a few pre-built filters to choose from, and you can add specific sites to whitelist/blacklist etc.  Really seems to help cut down on malware/spyware infections also.

  • You can still use squid in this case. Just place the websites you have trouble with in the squid white list.

    I have to do this once in a while for people with watchgaurd proxy's too.

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