Cannot get data about interface when trying to check my graphs

  • Well Im using the most current version:
    Downloading new version information…done
    Obtaining current version information...done

    You are on the latest version.
    I built it today.
    I had been going fine for 10days and finally decided to update my install again and then I ran into problems where I couldnt get into the interface. After so much trial and error I said screw it and re-installed my original 2.0RC1 from a while back.... then I updated to the most current one and finally I loaded my config from earlier this month that I backed up.

    Now I have no cpu usage info and no graph for internet usage on lan.... the right of the graph the usage is showing up per IP.
    Wan side works fine.
    Dont know if its because its an older config (few weeks) w/ a new install. I didnt install the packages before the config was applied I let it download the packages and install them when it loaded the config.

    My rules all seem to work just those minor things. Anyone have any ideas?? thanks.

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