pfsense 2 rc1 3 boxes active active senario inbound

  • Hi guys ,

    We have a datacenter with large amount of sessions per sec , now we already tested pfsense with active / Passive senario now to the question
    We would like to be able to have a active/active pfsense boxes with 1 vip ( 3 ibm servers with 4gb memory and 1xeon cpu each and 4 nic on each server )

    Is it possiable to do something like this with pfsense 2 rc1 i understand that with the new version of pfsense is possiable .

    I would really approciate if you could help us with this senario .

    Thanks dave

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    pfSense doesn't yet support active/active even in 2.0.

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