Http rules

  • Hello Sir's

    I need help! I have configured the dual wan successfully but what i need it to do is to route all http on wan2 and all other traffic on wan1 but when I create a rule which is

    dns rule

    proto - tcp/upd
    source - lan
    port -53
    destination - *
    port - 53
    gateway - wan 2

    http rule
    proto - tcp
    source- lan
    port -80
    destination - *
    port -80
    gateway- wan2

    I cannot access the internet anymore please help

  • for DNS source port - any
    for http source port - any (here is your problem)

  • Sourceports are nearly always randomly chosen. You shouldn't use them in firewallrules unless you know that it is sent from a special service or device that uses fixed sourceports.

  • I have change the souce port to * but it's no good ,do I need to open additional ports because when http and dns are set to pass i cannot access the internet anymore but when I select pass on my lan rule that is set to tcp and then all *  I can access the internet fine…..Please help!!!

  • You do NOT want a source port at all.

    The rule should look like this:

    TCP  LAN net  *  *  80 (HTTP)  * Allow WEB (HTTP)

  • TCP  LAN net  *  *  80 (HTTP)  WAN2 Allow WEB (HTTP)

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