Multiple Kernel Panics with Snort installed on 2.0RC1 3-24-2011 build

  • I been having multiple kernel panics with Snort installed on current builds.

    I've uninstalled the Snort package and the issue has stopped.

    Is this an issue with 2.0RC1 or an issue with the Snort package?

    I've let my router upload the kernel panic reports from the web GUI.

  • I take it from the total lack of response to this that the answer is to simply not run Snort which is pretty disappointing since this is a release candidate.

  • search the forum… snort for 2.0 has a few bugs in it... the dev is working on it... no eta for its release yet.

    usually packages aren't created by the main dev team for pfsense... because of this, if something changes in the pfsense core itself, pfsense packages wont work untill they are updated.

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