3g PPP connection

  • I installed a Sierra Wireless 875 pcmcia card for a 3g WAN.  I set up the PPP connection, and it listed only one modem port, which I used.  However, the 'Country' dropdown box on the next line never gets populated.  I entered the GSM phone number, rebooted, and the interface actually came up and works, but the 'Country' dropdown in the PPP setup is still blank.  I can browse the web, albeit slower than on my 3G phone.  I'm getting about 500 kbps up and 300 kbps down. I've lowered the MTU down by 50's to 1300.  I get up to 700 kbps down on my phone.

    So my questions are:  Is this card working properly?  Is there a reason the Service Provider fields won't populate?  Is there hope to speed up the connection?

  • What do you mean by it doe snot popuplate?
    Can you show screenshots?

  • I found the same issue. As you can see, Service Provider - "Country" dropbox is empty…..

  • I had this problem months ago. At the time, I had mentioned that it didn't work in IE8, but worked in chrome.

  • Yes, it was a browser issue.  I didn't come accross the same problem doing a search.

    The speed seems better now that the correct settings are in place.  It also held an IPSEC VPN connection over the weekend without dropping…

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