Traffic Shaper, the traffic reported does not match the real used bandwidth

  • Hello,
    now I understand why the traffic shaping seems not to be working in my environment.
    I prepared a queue called "qOut_Navigazion" that is working on a 20mbit limit, but when I start to use it heavly I see that the real bandwith used by my connectivity is 40-100mbit, while the queue reports to flow only 600k… in the picture you see the traffic graphic of the router (the little windows with the green area graph, which shows traffic from 42 to 83mbit, and the pfSense's window with the relative queue).
    The queue "qOut_Navigazion" was the only one reporting some traffic, so I am sure there's a problem in the calculation of the traffic that flows in the queue, and this hangs all the calculations about the priorities, and so on...
    The same pfSense, in the dashboard, reports traffic values according to the router's traffic graph in the picture, so it's not a general problem, it's just a matter of the queue...

    Anyone else has seen this problem?


  • On this pic there's another example, this time I show two windows and the shot is taken in the same time… The real bandwidth is shown in the upper window, while in the lower window there's the traffic reported by the traffic shaper (and the visible queue is the only one making traffic at that moment), they really don't match...

  • aahh… sorry, I didn't mention (last time I reply myself, I promise)...
    I am running 2.0-RC1 (amd64) built on Fri Mar 25 10:10:34 EDT 2011 ...

  • mmhhh… I am still investigating... it looks like I mistaked the problem, even if a problem there is...

    The rule "lan to *" is set up in the firewall as an "interface rule" (not floating)... that rule is assigned to:
    "qIN_Navigazione" as queue
    "qOut_Navigazion" as ack queue

    the matter is that only the "qOut_Navigazion" is filled, the "qIN_Navigazion" is not used at all... so it makes sense that the qOutNavigazion has that amount of traffic...

    the only thing I can't understand is why the queue is not used... I have the rule (from rules.debug):

    pass  in  quick  on $LAN  from to any keep state  queue (qIN_Navigazione,qOut_Navigazion)  label "USER_RULE: Consenti Uscita"

    and the queues are:

     altq on  em2 hfsc bandwidth 2Gb queue {  qWan_Local_In,  qWan_Local_Out,  qWan_Ext_In,  qWan_Ext_Out  } 
     queue qWan_Local_In on em2 bandwidth 200Mb 
     queue qWan_Local_Out on em2 bandwidth 200Mb 
     queue qWan_Ext_In on em2 bandwidth 20Mb {  qIn_Alta,  qIn_Bassa,  qIn_Altissima,  qIN_Navigazione  } 
     queue qIn_Alta on em2 bandwidth 70% hfsc (  default  )  
     queue qIn_Bassa on em2 bandwidth 10% 
     queue qIn_Altissima on em2 bandwidth 10% hfsc (  realtime 1Mb )  
     queue qIN_Navigazione on em2 bandwidth 10%
     queue qWan_Ext_Out on em2 bandwidth 20Mb {  qOut_Alta,  qOut_Bassa,  qOut_Altissima,  qOut_Navigazion  } 
     queue qOut_Alta on em2 bandwidth 70% 
     queue qOut_Bassa on em2 bandwidth 10% 
     queue qOut_Altissima on em2 bandwidth 10% 
     queue qOut_Navigazion on em2 bandwidth 10%  

    the qOut_Navigazion is used ONLY in the above rule, so if it's used, it should be used the qIn_Navigazione also… don't know...

    do you have an answer?


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