Squid transparent proxy and BOINC DC projects

  • OK so I setup Squid (2.7.9_4) as a transparent proxy, as per the help topic.

    When I run BOINC I get error 417, so I lookup error 417 in BOINC help and the webpage reads, in part:

    "With Squid version 2.7 (and possibly other versions) BOINC may give a 'Scheduler request failed: Error 417' message preventing communication with projects, which can be prevented by adding 'ignore_expect_100 on' to the squid.conf file and restarting Squid.

    Is there a way to effect the change through the GUI?

    Or perhaps through the pfSense Developer Shell?

    You must forgive my n00bness. I'm still new to pfSense (2.0 RC1 update built March 25th at about 8:30pm EST) and anything XML or Linux.

  • Issue sorted.

    Just put the appropriate statement in the box provided near the bottom of the proxy server page.

  • I'm trying to NAT (port forward) all tcp/80 traffic to squid but doesn't work (it doesn't redirect the traffic).

    I'm working with pfsense 2.0-RC1


  • ncolunga, as your issue seems to be unrelated, I would suggest a new thread.

    You might get more attention.

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