Multiple WAN IPs with CARP?

  • Hi,
    it´s more a "better be save than sorry" question so a simple "yes" or "no" might be the full answer. I want to replace an old openbsd firewall which has several public IPs with a failover installation of two pfSense 1.2.3 firewalls. Following some tutorials this should be easy going by just adding all the IPs in the virtual ip setup. But what puzzles me is that according to some Google hits I need version 2.0 of pfSense. Is this true? Or can I just move on with 1.2.3?

    Ok, no yes or no question but thanks for any answer,


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You can do multiple CARP VIPs on the WAN with 1.2.3, there isn't a problem with that.

    Not sure what you might have been seeing that suggested you need 2.0, perhaps you were looking for IP aliases and not CARP VIPs. If you want multiple IPs on a failover cluster, you'd need CARP VIPs anyhow.

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