Firmware Auto Update download extremly slow

  • Firmware Auto Update download has been some while extremely slow (nanobsd)
    Is threre capasity issues at server side or is this problem in nanobsd firmware ?

  • I saw that as well recently. Not really maxing out my VDSL 50 connection…

  • Finally updated my ALIX to 2.0 and I'm seeing this as well.  Is this the snapshot server's bandwidth or is it an issue with the Nano build?

  • I have the same "problem" with full installation.
    I had slow downloadspeed, too, when I downloaded the .ISO from the snapshots server.

    For me its not really a problem if I have to wait 5min or 1min but perhaps it helps the developers if it is a snapshot server problem.

  • Well it cant be the snapshot server.  If I download directly from the link, I'm getting line speed, 1.5MBps.  If I upgrade through the Auto Update in the GUI, its less than a minute to upgrade with my full install and its about 15 minutes with my ALIX.  This is not upgrade time, this is download time.

  • download via webgui is somewhat slower than downloading directly. So compared to my line (100MBit) it is extraordinary slow ;-).

    So having that download faster, do it manually and then install via console, but i think, the time to upgrade will be nearly the same at the end…

    And when pfSense is final, you don't have to upgrade any more.... Enjoy that "wasted" time! ;-)

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