Which VPN technology is best for site to site?

  • Hi *,
    I am using OpenVPN for remote access clients and I am pretty happy with that.
    So now, I want to create an additional site-to-site link to another pfsense box.
    Any recommendations what is best used for that? Should I stick with OpenVPN or is IPSec better suited for that?
    If it is OpenVPN, would I create an additional OVPN server instance for that or use the same than for remote access?
    And final Q: One pfsense is on 2.0RC1 and the second is on 1.2.3 on purpose. Can both interconnect without headache?

    Many thanks for advise!
    regards, Till

  • If it is pfSense to pfSense, I would definitely go OpenVPN. I have had both and had much better experience with OVPN than IPSec. I don't anticipate any issues between versions of pfSense connecting but I haven't tried it. I assume you would want a second OpenVPN server on a separate port for the site-to-site but I don't have experience with both on one box.

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