How to setup user PPTP on 2.0RC?

  • I had PPTP working great for years on 1.2x and now that I upgraded to 2.0RC1, I cannot get it to work.  The GUI for PPTP is fairly simple - nothing special compared to 1.2.3.  I added the appropriate firewall rule on the PPTP tab to allow all traffic to PPTP users.

    I can connect and authenticate, but I cannot get anywhere.  I cannot access anything on my internal network, nor does ICMP/ping work.

    Is there a new FAQ to make PPTP work in 2.0?

  • Hello,

    I have the same problem but have managed to resolve it partially. We now have access to our internal network via PPTP connection but no access to internet while connected.
    I know that one fix is to disable something in the client VPN setup (something about not using default gateway on remote network). This could be done but it means we have to change it on all our employees computers…

    It would be really nice to get the old functionallity back.

    Current setup that allows access to internal Servers and Lan:

    WAN: x.x.x.x <- public IP and also some Virtual IPs
    LAN: 10.0.0.x
    ServerLan: 10.0.2.x


    Set up manual PPTP VPN iface rule : Proto * Source * Port * Destination * Port * Gateway * Queue * Schedule none Description blabla

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