Bridged setup; adding another subnet?

  • I've just installed pfsense at a datacenter in front of a number of machines I have there.  It's configured so that the WAN and OPT interfaces are bridged as per the howto, and everything is working cleanly.

    My question is this: right now all of the IP addresses I use are part of the same /24 network; it looks like I'll be adding more IPs from a different class C though, and I'd like to know if pfsense handles this well.

    I'm assuming I can go into lan setup and change the /24 to /16 or whatever's appropriate, and assign the new IPs as necessary,  Is this correct, or is there more to it than that?

  • You need to change the subnetmask at all involved hosts if you want to do it this way. Another option is adding a new interface for the new subnet or doing this with vlans.

  • Well, the new IPs will be aliases to existing IP addresses – eth0:1, eth0:2, and so forth, so I hope I don't need to muck with netmasks and whatnot.

    VLAN support would require a particular ethernet card, I take it?

  • You'll need a vlan capable switch. Though there are nics that can handle vlans better than others most of them should do.

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