SRG - How to configure daily reports

  • Hello
    I installed srg on my pfsense. Everything work's fine, but I am looking for solution how to configure daily reports view.
    In default configuration sgr reports are showing date range from first to last logging day  eg```
    Select a time period to view reports for: 2011Mar24-2011Mar28)

    I found some description how to do it on
    but when I try to run this shell script there are errors:

    : not found
    : not found
    date: illegal option -- -
    usage: date [-jnu] [-d dst] [-r seconds] [-t west] [-v[+|-]val[ymwdHMS]] ...
                [-f fmt date | [[[[[cc]yy]mm]dd]HH]MM[.ss]] [+format]
    : not found
    : not found

    On the fully sarg version for freeBSD it was very simple , But on srg i can find that option.
    Thanks for help and sorry for my english.

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