Multiwan-Load balancing no access to website require single IP connection

  • Hi

    I use Pfsense 1.2.3-RELEASE for doing Load balancing with 4 Wan and i've got little mistake with some website can have special authentification

    For example when i go to a private forum website, i'm log in to this with my name and password the website accepte me, but when i change page on this same website im disconnect automaticly i must to login again this operation repeat many many time so no issue for me, that is the same with elearning platform.

    Load balancing is ok for me, but i think when i go to this website it s ok but i never go with the same Wan and the security about this website requires single Ip adresse for the conection so the same wan during the session.if i don t have this i'm disconnect about this site.

    have you got same mistake ?
    what can i do for resolve it, have you got tips for me ?

    Thanks for answer

  • I solved this issue by creating firewall rules for the sites.

    Best bed would be create a alias with the required ip's of the sites you are visiting that require single ip and add a rule to use a certain gateway, ensure they are at the top of the list. fixed the issue for me.

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