No DNS from ISP failed connection

  • Hi All!

    We have an older  1.2 version of PFSENSE (I don't have the exact version on me) currently installed at a remote location.  A change of ISP has taken place, and the new ISP isn't handing out ANY DNS settings on authentication (PPP on wan via DSL bridge).  This causes the whole connection to fail.

    We tried the 'nodnssec' option (no secondary DNS which worked when the ISP handed out 1 DNS server).

    Does anyone know if it is possible for PFSENSE auth to work when there is no DNS handed over by the ISP?


  • Set static DNS servers e.g. in General Setup. it should solve the problem I'm doubting missing DNS info would cause the whole connection to fail at most DNS lookups would have issues but not ip connectivity

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