PfSense file undelete?!

  • Is there a way to undelete files in pfSense? I did a great mistake on my ALIX board wit pfSense 2.0RC1, deleting entry /cf folder and it's content… :o
    Now I can't start webconfig and I guess that if I try to restart the device, it won't boot at all.
    So, I'm looking to restore /cf content or a way to write /cf/conf/config.xml from cli using running settings (pfSense seems to run fine except webconfig)

  • Nope, this is why you want to keep a backup of your config.xml file.  Time to re-install the system and reconfigure.

  • I'm not sure, but it can be you are wrong: after I ended to bang my head on the wall, i did a desperation try, and copied a clean (from a pfSense install) config.xml in his place, and restarted webconfig… and it started! and with my wonder, with all the settings ok!!! :o ;D ;D
    Now I must only take the courage to restart the device  ???

  • And now I'm sure: I [auto]upgraded pfsense from webconfig and restarted it, and all went fine.  ;D

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