Bandwith output to external server

  • I would like to keep track off my monthly/weekly bandwith stats and I would like to allow users to view this info without logging into pfsense.

    Instead of ftping or rysncing data to run another server running rdd of bandwithd I would like to know if it's possibe to send snmp data to have another server in my network running for example cacti chart/keep track of this data?

    Other idea's are also more than welcome. Anybody else have a solution or an idea on how I can allow users to view the bandwith stats without having to give them acces to the pfsense (webserver)?

  • Have you tried Services > SNMP?  I'm not using it but it seems like it would meet your needs.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Cacti works fine, just enable the SNMP service as jasonlitka suggested, and you can poll all kinds of info.

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