Recent upgrade made system somewhat unusable…

  • After a recent OS update, the pfSense system couldn't properly connect to the internet any more.

    A) on the System:General Setup page, the DNS servers kept their IP address, but the gateway setting was set to "None" instead of "WAN".

    B) on the System:Gateways page, the default gateway was properly defined, but I had to click edit and then save (without making any changes!) for the gateway to work again.

    So in essence, I lost DNS capability and a default route. Since this device was on my LAN, I was able to recover. Had this been at a remote site, I'd been screwed.

    Another thing I noticed during a recent (but I don't think the same) upgrade: on the console the package reinstall process seemed to have been stalled (for more than half a day stuck at the same spot). When I hit return a few times from the console keyboard, things started suddenly moving again.
    Could it be, that some package for some reason, waits for keyboard input e.g. to accept some default choice? I couldn't see a prompt for input, and me hitting the keyboard was more a matter of impatience and to see if the console session had frozen up.

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