Port forwarding issue (i think) With Illustrations!

  • this is my network
    the cable connection (WAN) is the main internet connection, and i'm not doing failover, yet.
    geo is a webserver located at, listening on port 82.  it is functional from within the network.
    OPT1 is a connection to our T1 network, which is a /29.
    i'm trying to connect the server cams to the webserver geo by forwarding port 82 (and technically, 10000) on OPT1 and connecting to x.x.x.37:82.
    this is not working.  i'm testing over my cellphone, so outside the network.  i can connect just fine to from inside the network, and "geo" is set up with pfsense as the gateway.

    i keep getting a line in the firewall logs that says the connection on LAN from to my cellphone ip has been blocked by "Default deny rule"
    i have no default deny rule visible, and i've added a rule to pass everything (* * * * * *) under the LAN firewall rules.  am i doing something wrong?
    pfsense v1.2.3

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