What is link#2?

  • I've come across something I've never seen before with pfSense 1.2.3-RELEASE. I was setting up a branch site that has an ADSL modem with a pfSense firewall (standard for us when dealing with smaller sites). The pfSense WAN interface would pull a valid public IP address from the ADSL modem, but I couldn't get out to internet using the pfSene's LAN interface.

    Whenever I looked at the WAN interface status, this is what I saw:

    IP Address: xxx.xxx.xxx.47 (public address, not one behind a NAT)
    Subnet mask:
    Gateway: link#2

    Now, what exactly is link#2? Never seen it before. I could plug my laptop into the ADSL modem and get online just fine, and it showed the gateway as xxx.xxx.xxx.1. So I manually assigned the public address to the pfSense WAN interface and I was able to get online through the pfSense LAN interface. The problem is that as soon as the DHCP lease time runs out, the IP address I've manually assigned will be up for grabs (and I could be potentially kicked offline if that IP is assigned to another customer's ADSL modem in the area).

    Any ideas on how to get pfSense to use .1 as the gateway instead of "link#2"? I'm not doing anything special on this pfSense box (just using it for DHCP on LAN, firewall, and router).

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