Outgoing NAT on OpenVPN interface

  • Hello,

    I need the followoing setup to work:
                              _________          __________                                |
    openvpn–---------|pf sense 1|------| pfsense 2 |----->openvpn client --|AliveVPN or alike
    tunnel                  -----------          -----------    (Default GW, Nated)  |
                                      |          LAN       
                              port forward
                                  tcp 22

    General idea: users connect with openvpn and browses internet (not proxy) from ip of any privacy service compatible and have 1 tcp port routed/nated to another server straight from pfsense 1 box.

    Question: is this somehow possible? Clients come from openvpn tunnel to pfsense 1, port 22 forwarded from pfsense 1 to external server and browsing from AliveVPN's ip addresses ?

    All works except for the most interesting part, vpn connection to ALiveVPN, I mean I can ping through it. But, clients connecting to pfsense 1 ain't see internet (they do, if I make outgoing nat on wan interface of pfsense 2). Outgoing nat on openvpn inteface of pfsense 2 (I created and enabled interface for this openvpn connection) - doesn't work.

    I understand this is kind of crazy setup, but live is live))

    Thanks in advance.

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