Local DNS

  • Hi all

    Is there any option to configure dns pointers and aliases for the LAN interface in
    pfsense 1.3.2 RELEASE ?
    If so, how ?

    Thanks in advance


  • DNS Forwarder

    pfSense 1.3.2 doesn't exist.

  • Hi submicron

    First of all thanks a lot, sorry for the wrong version number. But is DNS forwarder capable of this ?
    I'd like to register my access points in DNS in order to be resolved  by a snmp system.
    The snmp system checks if the access points are all alive and sends a mail in case any of them is not.
    So it would be great if it would be like "accesspoint_lobbybar" instead of just the ip adress in the
    notification mail.
    Is this possible ?

    Thx thafener

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