2xWAN Load Balancing over services and other rules

  • Hi,

    I'm beginner with pfsense but I already love this Os.

    I want to make load balancing between 2 WAN interface over specific rules…

    I have WAN1 2M/1M cable and WAN2 6M/512k ADSL connection.

    I want to www,mail,voips (skype too) by 1st WAN1 (2/1) and rest of large traffic to WAN2 (p2p but files from http over 0,5mb and video streams like YouTube too).

    Also I want to run failover. when WAN1 goes down all traffic goes to WAN2 and vice versa.

    Is it possible ?

    Now I'm runnig testing configuration on Alix 2d3 and pfsense 2.0-RC1…

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